contractors all risks insurance

Solid protection for work in progress

contractors all risk insurance

contractors all risks insurance

Contractors all risks insurance covers the responsibilities for those working on new builds, repairs or extension projects. Whilst very useful, a contractors all risks policy is also often a requirement before a contract is signed. 

With this policy in place, a contractor or employer won’t have to foot the bill if there is damage to the building or structure, or if any materials are stolen while work is underway. Beyond the tangible elements of the project, contractors all risks also protects the contractors’ liabilities, so environmental breaches and bodily injury can be remedied through a settlement. 

Our executives at Eden Insurance know that there is little room for error in such important protection as margins on build projects are tight as it is. Because of this, we will employ due diligence in creating a policy that gives you a level of protection that you can be confident in.

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